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Signs You’re Going Through Puberty

All adult women have been through the female puberty stages we’re discussing here. These older women can be a great resource for you as you prepare to grow into a confident young woman in your own right. But don’t worry! It’s totally normal, and we’ll be here for you. Read below to find out more about the signs of puberty in girls and the changes that await you and other girls like you.

Body Development

One of the first signs you are going through puberty is your body growing and developing faster than before. Your arms, legs, feet and hands lengthen while your breasts start filling out. This is one of the more obvious puberty stages, also known as the ‘growth spurt’. Female puberty also means you develop a figure, as you slowly shape into a woman. This part of puberty stages may be an awkward time, but eventually your body will become proportional.

Body hair & sweat

Soon you will find new hair growing in new places. Curly hair will start growing in the pubic area (the area that extends from your lower stomach to between your legs). Although it starts growing between the legs, it eventually covers the entire pubic area and may include the upper, inner thighs. This usually takes 2-3 years. A few months after your pubic hair begins to grow, hair will also grow under your arms. Puberty stages also affect the amount of sweat your body produces as well as the quantity of oil your skin emits, causing acne. You might want to start using deodorants and washing your face more often once you notice these signs of female puberty.

Genital discharge

Before you start your periods, you'll probably notice yellow or white stains in your pants. This is natural moisture from the vagina. It's perfectly normal, and it's a sign that menstruation is likely to start in six to 18 months. Sometimes, vaginal discharge can become white, clumpy, thick or milky. In this case, you might have a yeast infection. Talk to your parents or doctor if you have any questions.

First period starts

All of these classic signs of puberty in girls lead up to the start of your first period. You may not be sure what’s normal, but there’s no need to worry. When you first start menstruation, it can be unpredictable for the first two years. It typically takes 1-2 years for cycles to develop, so you may not be regular for a while. Remember that just like all the other body changes of female puberty you are experiencing, it’s perfectly normal. You’re on your way to womanhood!

Every girl develops differently and at her own pace, so don’t be discouraged! No matter what order all these signs of puberty in girls happen, just know you’re on your way to becoming a woman, and that is a wonderful thing!

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