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All You Need to Know About Boobs!

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All You Need to Know About Boobs!

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Consider this your go-to guide for all things boob-related!

You keep checking, but they aren’t appearing. Or maybe one day you looked down and there they were: boobs! Did they take you by surprise? Are they not what you were hoping for or not what you expected? Or are you still waiting, wishing and hoping? No matter what your situation is, boobs (or the lack thereof) can be frustrating for any young woman. Here, we answer your most baffling breast development questions to make living with them a little easier to understand.

When will my boobs start growing?

Early bloomers might notice “budding” around age 8, but yours can start growing any time between then and age 13. It typically takes three to five years of breast growth from when they start coming in to when you reach your final size. Still, some girls might feel like they grow a pair overnight, while others develop more slowly. Your boobs could even keep growing into your 20s!

What colour are my nipples supposed to be?

Whatever colour they are is the colour they’re supposed to be! Once breast growth starts, your nipples and the skin around them usually get a little darker, and the end result is different for every girl. (You might also notice a few hairs growing in that area — that’s totally normal, too.)

Should my boobs be this sore?

Some girls notice that their breasts are slightly tender during the early days of them blossoming and in the days leading up to a period. Usually, giving them some TLC around that time of the month (being gentle and wearing a sports bra) is enough to avoid any pain. If you’re still super-uncomfortable, ask your doctor if it’s OK to take a painkiller for it.

My boobs are pointy (or lopsided). What’s wrong with me?! Nothing is wrong with you! Boobs come in all different shapes and sizes, especially during your breast development years. They might be pointy for a while — or be two different sizes — and then even out by the time you’ve finished developing.

Can I do anything to make my boobs bigger?

Sorry, but your cup size is determined mostly by the genes you get from your parents. You can’t swallow a pill or rub on a special cream and expect it to work like magic, although you might notice that your boobs change size when you lose or gain weight.