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What we promise

What We PromiseWhat We Promise

We want all girls to live life to its fullest potential and we’re right here to back all of you.


We believe women are incredible. They have unlimited potential. They’re strong with a splash of fabulous and a dash of wonderful and can do anything they put their minds to. And Always is their biggest cheerleader!

Innovation is Power

All women deserve better than the status quo, so we work like crazy to give you the innovative products that keep you unstoppable every single day. From inventing the very first pad with wings, to our latest breakthrough, the world’s first foam pad that absorbs 10X its weight, we create pads and pantyliners that fit and feel so comfortable, you can run, jump, kick, throw – and almost forget you’re wearing one.

Live Proud #LikeAGirl

Ever been told you do something like a girl? Great! Be proud of that, because girls rule! That’s the whole point of our #LikeAGirl movement. During puberty, a girl’s confidence can plummet, and Always is out to change that. By working together to destroy stereotypes and showing the world what being a girl or woman really means, we’re creating an amazing sisterhood that stretches across the globe.