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Safety and Innovation

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Every woman wants what’s best for her body, that’s is why we are committed to deliver products that women can trust. From components selection to monitoring tests, our science-based approach is key to our journey of safely improving the lives of our consumers.


The Foundation

“Doubt is the beginning, not the end of wisdom.”
We start with a healthy dose of skepticism about the safety of a new component. If we cannot establish both its safety and benefit to consumers, we will not use it. Over 1,800 quality tests are run on pad materials before they are used in manufacturing.


Safe Range

We define the safe range for every component we use with the same scientific process used by regulatory agencies around the world (FDA, EPA, WHO, EU, etc). All our components and ingredients are rigorously selected, evaluated, and meet or exceed the requirements of applicable European (e.g. REACH, cosmetic regulation, in so far applicable) and French regulations. If there is not enough information to establish a safe range we will be cautious and remove the component from consideration, or investigate it further with additional data.

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Safe Product Use

We evaluate all components in the final product to confirm their actual use is within the safe range for both consumers and the environment. More precisely, we evaluate our products using very conservative exposure assumptions, such as daily usage of our products for an entire lifetime.

We have over 700 scientists and professionals who ensure our products meet all safety and regulatory requirements around the world. In addition, independent laboratories conduct over 20,000 tests on our pads and their components every year.

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Monitor Use & New Information

Once the product is marketed we monitor consumer use and investigate all new scientific information. We also collaborate with external scientists and regulatory agencies on new safety methods.

Our Always® pad portfolio has been accredited by Skin Health Alliance, a dermatological accreditation confirming that our products have met a thorough set of skin safety requirements.