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It's a New Period: Master Your Menstrual Cycle with Always

Redefine your relationship with your body, creating a mindset where your menstrual cycle isn't viewed as a setback but as a catalyst for unstoppable achievement when you know how to master it.

The Master Your Menstrual Cycle programme by Always, is a series of educational videos and infographics, aimed to help you work in harmony with your body, and not against it.

The programme is split into three modules:

  1. Get Cycle-Savvy - an introduction to everything you need to know about your menstrual cycle.
  2. Period Power - a collection of helpful tips and tricks on menstrual cycle tracking.
  3. Be a Period Champion - a guide on how to have open and confident conversations about periods.

Together, let's master our menstrual cycles to navigate daily life with confidence and celebrate our strength, resilience and ability to triumph over any challenge - periods included.