Independent tests certifying the absence of harmful substances




Woman in a laboratory next to the microscopeWoman in a laboratory next to the microscope

Every woman wants what’s best for her body, and when there’s a question about safety, we take that concern very seriously. We have the highest quality and safety standards in the industry.

  1. Components selection
    All our components and ingredients are rigorously selected, evaluated, and meet or exceed the requirements of applicable European (e.g. REACH, cosmetic regulation, in so far applicable) and French regulations. Over 1,800 quality tests are carried out on pad materials before they are used in pads.

  2. Independent certification
    Our Always® pad portfolio of products has been accredited since 2016 by Skin Health Alliance confirming that our products have met a thorough set of skin safety requirements.

  3. Independent testing
    Independent laboratories conduct over 20,000 tests on our pads and their components every year.

Galab is an independent European laboratory, recognised for their high quality tests. The results confirm the absence of harmful substances and more precisely of phthalates.

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