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What are Always pantyliners made of?

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At Always, we understand that you want to know what is in the products, you use every day. That’s why we are committed to providing you with the information you need, to choose the product that is right for you.

Our Always pads and liners are made from materials, designed to provide great comfort and protection. Please see below for a full explanation of the composition of our products and the purpose that each component plays.

Always Panty Liners Ingredients

1-2 Topsheet and secondary topsheet
Soft top layer and secondary layer made of synthetic materials similar to those used in garments and in underwear. These synthetic materials are used to quickly channel the liquids into the absorbent core and keep your skin dry.

3 Absorbent core
Flexible core made from absorbent cellulose and super absorbent gel pearls. In a different thinner form, this material is used in different items such as tea bags & everyday garments. This absorbent material has been used in pads since 1920s.

4 Odour Neutralizing Technology
Our Odour Neutralizing Technology is an exclusive material that contains selected components with a light scent similar to perfume. It is applied to the bottom of the absorbent core layer, thus optimized to mask and neutralize malodour in liners.

5 Backsheet
Moisture proof back layer made from synthetic materials to keep the fluid inside.

6 Adhesives
Adhesive is used to ensure the pad adheres to panty.

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Are Always products safe?

Yes, our pantyliners are safe and are used safely by millions of women, every day. Your safety is at the centre of everything we do and so our products are rigorously tested, including assessments by independent experts such as physicians, university scientists, and health authorities. Over 1800 quality tests are carried out on pad materials during manufacture before use. Over 20,000 tests are carried out on our pantyliners and their components by independent laboratories every year. Furthermore, Always (Always Ultra, Always Night, Always Sensitive) have been awarded Skin Health Alliance ‘Dermatologically Accredited’ approval.


Will your pantyliners irritate the skin?

No, our pantyliners should not cause irritation to the skin. All our products go through rigorous safety tests to ensure they are safe for use. An example of a safety assessment can be found here.


Are scented pantyliners safe? Won’t they be irritating and make me itch down there?

Your safety is at the centre of everything we do, so like our unscented pads and pantyliners, our scented products are safe for use. We select materials, including the fragrance in our scented products, which are not irritating and do not cause itching when used in a pad. Additionally, the fragrance used in our pads and pantyliners meet the strict safety standards set by the International Fragrance Association, the world’s leading authority on fragrance safety. We recommend our unscented products for those who prefer fragrance-free products or who may be sensitive to fragrances.


Why aren’t your pantyliners made of 100% cotton?

All Always products meet rigorous safety and effectiveness standards, regardless of what they are made of. Always pantyliners are designed to provide high levels of protection and comfort. The materials used in our pantyliners better enables us to deliver these performance needs.


Is there chlorine bleach in pantyliners?

No, Always Sensitive Essentials pantyliners are purified by a totally chlorine free process, while the rest of our pantyliners are purified using an elemental chlorine-free purification process. Both processes are equally safe.


Why is any bleaching done on pantyliners?

Our suppliers use an elemental chlorine-free process to purify the cellulose fibers in our products. Purification eliminates natural impurities and cleans the fibers to make them ready for production. Whitening the fibers is a result of this process, but not its goal. Always Sensitive Essentials pantyliners offer an option where the cellulose fiber is purified through an alternative method that is Total Chlorine Free and uses hydrogen peroxide.


Do you have toxic dyes in your pantyliners?

No, we do not. Pigments that are used in some of our pantyliners have been rigorously assessed by scientists, health care providers and authoritative bodies to assure they can be used safely.


How do you ensure that your products are safe?

Rest assured, our science-based assessment process works to ensure the safety of the women who use our products. Only the products and the materials that meet science-based safety standards can go to market. Further, we share our assessments with scientists, health care providers and authoritative bodies to assure that our products can be used safely. For more information about our safety process, check out this website.


Our Safety commitment

Always is committed to ensuring that all of our products meet rigorous safety standards. In addition, we believe it is important to have our safety assessments and ingredients reviewed by independent experts, who put our products through their own skin safety requirements. That is why we are proud to have been awarded the Skin Health Alliance ‘Dermatologically Accredited’ approval.

Skin Health Alliance Accreditation


Who are the Skin Health Alliance?

In their own words: “The Skin Health Alliance awards professional dermatological accreditation to products, services and brands around the world.

We help consumers feel confident in their choices by reassuring them products have been independently verified as skin safe.

We’re also proud to support a range of skin charities and good causes through our work.”

Always (Always Ultra, Always Night, Always Sensitive) have been awarded Skin Health Alliance ‘Dermatologically Accredited’ approval.


What does it mean to have a Skin Health Alliance Accreditation?

‘The Skin Health Alliance dermatological accreditation logo is a reassurance that products have met our thorough set of skin safety requirements. These requirements are not set by the manufacturer or brand, instead they have been agreed upon by our team of leading independent dermatologists and skin scientists.’ James Stalley, Executive Manager, Skin Health Alliance

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