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Vaginal discharge may seem weird, but find out why all females have it and why it’s healthy and normal!

Ok, so vaginal discharge is normal and healthy. It’s actually amazing stuff. It’s your body’s natural way to keep that tissue moist and cleansed. Find out where the stuff comes, why it’s there and how to keep it contained!

It’s pretty simple. The inside of your vagina is covered in something called a mucous membrane – a type of body tissue that’s naturally lubricated. Glands in your body produce clear mucus that turns white or yellow when exposed to air – also perfectly normal.

Vaginal Discharge

What is Normal?

Normal discharge is clear, smooth or creamy and has a very slight smell that can be described as sweet or soapy. Sometimes if it gets in your underwear and gets exposed to air it may turn a little crusty, but this is normal too. The only thing you should look out for is discharge that is itchy, irritating, discoloured or smelly, because this might be a sign of infection and a reason to see your doctor.

How Much is Normal?

The amount of discharge you’ll experience fluctuates with your menstrual cycle as the levels of oestrogen in your body change. Having a varying amount of vaginal discharge is completely normal. When oestrogen levels are at their highest, discharge can become heavier. You'll probably produce more discharge in the middle of your menstrual cycle a couple of weeks after your period. This is when you're ovulating. It can also vary in consistency (thick, pasty or thin), colour (clear, cloudy, white, yellow or green) and smell (normal, odourless or bad).

What if it Changes?

If your vaginal discharge suddenly changes in colour, odour or consistency, it may be a sign of an infection. Talk to your doctor. They’re your best resource to help you diagnose and treat the problem.

How Can I Deal With It?

Is there a way to manage vaginal discharge when it’s heaviest? Yes! Always Liners are specially made to for vaginal discharge. They protect your underwear and help you to feel fresh and clean every day.

You may want to talk about it to a parent or an adult you trust. Feel free to discuss it with your doctor as well. He/she will help you understand what’s happening.