Myths & Truths About Pantyliners

Myths & Truths about pantylinersMyths & Truths about pantyliners

#1: Myth or Truth: Vaginal discharge is normal

Vaginas are self-cleaning – Just like your eyes produce tears to rid itself of irritants, the vagina has glands that produce fluid (discharge) to protect your body from infection and maintain its wellbeing. Amazing vagina! While this is totally normal, it can sometimes make your undies feel less than fresh and leave 61% of women feeling self-conscious.

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Every woman has her special way of freshening up throughout the day, whether it dabbing on a bit of your favourite perfume, applying another layer of deodourant or reapplying your lipstick. Always Dailies are the perfect trick for keeping your panties fresh all day long.

#2: Myth or Truth: Liners are for use on your period only

Always Dailies are specifically designed for everyday use. They absorb vaginal discharge, thereby helping you feel fresh throughout your day. They are perfect for anytime you want a freshness boost.

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Whether you’re going from the gym to the classroom, on a road trip, or preparing for a night out, Always Dailies give you the feeling of fresh panties all day, every day of the month.

#3: Myth or Truth: pantyliners cause vaginal infections

All Always Dailies pantyliners are dermatologically tested and are perfectly safe for everyday use.

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Also, you can rest assured that extensive research has been done and it shows that pantyliners do not promote infections or have a negative impact on the microflora.