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How to Get Rid of Period Pain and Cramps

Learning how to deal with period pain and menstrual cramps can be hugely helpful in adjusting to menstruation and enjoying puberty as best you can.

So here are our best tips for how to get rid of period pain (or at least decrease the pain):

Get movingGet moving
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Get moving

Yes, we know. You want to stay on the sofa. But resist that urge to remain curled up in a ball on the couch and get moving. Your body will thank you for it.

That’s because exercise releases endorphins – the feel-good hormones.

Endorphins actually change the way the brain processes pain, and therefore can make pain feel less intense. Pretty neat, huh?

Fitting in some light exercise can be as simple as doing a few minutes of yoga or taking a brisk walk around the block. The main thing is to increase your blood circulation, loosen up your muscles, and get those endorphins flowing.

Hug a heat pad or hot watter bottleHug a heat pad or hot watter bottle
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Hug a heat pad or hot watter bottle

Applying heat to your crampy area can increase blood flow, which in turn helps loosen the muscles that are contracting and causing cramps.

Added bonus: you get to cuddle up all warm and cozy for some relaxation time. All in the name of how to stop period pain.

Take a warm bath or showerTake a warm bath or shower

Take a warm bath or shower

Warm water can help relax your muscles and ease the pain in case you have period cramps.

Girl sitting in a park drinking waterGirl sitting in a park drinking water
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Stay hydrated

Ok. So drinking water isn’t exactly how to stop period pain . But, it helps alleviate bloating, which can intensify cramps.

So, keep a water bottle handy and drink plenty of water to help ease your period pain.

Girl drinking ice-tea in a yardGirl drinking ice-tea in a yard

Eat a balanced diet

Eat foods that are rich in fibre (like lentils, spinach, beans and vegetables) and try reducing foods that are fat and sugary.

This way you’ll stay healthy and give your body the right ingredients to fight period pain.

Two girls resting and smiling under the sunTwo girls resting and smiling under the sun
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If your cramps are really bad, try resting. Take a quick snooze. You may wake up feeling refreshed and cramp-free.

Two girls playing guitar on the couchTwo girls playing guitar on the couch


Try to relax and avoid stress. Start by practicing deep breathing exercises.

Relaxing your muscles is the name of the game when it comes to managing cramps.

Skip the caffeineSkip the caffeine
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Skip the caffeine

Caffeine tends to make your blood vessels constrict. This can make cramping feel more intense.

During your period, skip the morning coffee and opt for a herbal tea instead!

Try an over-the-counter painkillerTry an over-the-counter painkiller

Try an over-the-counter painkiller

Popping a painkiller may be the first thing that comes to mind when asked how to get rid of period pain.

Over-the-counter painkillers lower the levels of cramp-inducing chemicals in your body known as prostaglandins.

You can take a pain reliever when you start feeling crampy and inflamed, to try and side step feeling bad altogether.

Be sure to talk to your parents before taking any medication and always follow the dosage instructions on the box.

Visit a doctorVisit a doctor

Visit a doctor

If you still find it difficult to deal with period cramps and think you might need some specific medication, talk to a trusted adult, or visit a doctor.

Play around with the solutions above and see what works for you. Learning how to get rid of period pain will go a long way in not letting your period derail your life!

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