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How To Feel Better During Your Period With Comfortable Pads

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Sitting in a meeting, taking the bus, in your car, running on the treadmill at the gym. That’s when you feel it. Pad bunch.

Your sanitary pad has morphed itself into a weird bunchy triangle perfect for giving you a pad wedgie (talk about uncomfortable!). You can feel that sticky, uncomfortable lump in your underwear that used to be your sanitary pad not doing its job.

You know you’re leaking at this very moment and you don’t have bathroom access in the immediate future. Mild panic sets in as you realise that there’s nothing you can do. You just have to cross your fingers and hope for minimal leakage. Talk about not being in the moment! How can you be your best self when you’re this uncomfortable and pre-occupied?

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You deserve a comfortable pad for your period that sticks to the surface of your underwear and doesn’t shift around just because you’re moving and active throughout the day. Always believes that a well-fitting pad is the way to go. That’s why there’s Always MY FIT with its new Flex & Fit system of comfortable pads for periods, designed to ensure your pad stays in place while following your body’s movement.

When something is uncomfortable physically, it can affect you emotionally. And your sanitary pad is no different. Having a comfortable pad for your period is so important. When something goes wrong, you just don’t feel like yourself. That makes it hard to be on top of your game. Getting the right fit in your sanitary pad – one that works with you and not against you - goes a long way in helping you stay in good spirits during your period. The idea is simple. If you’re comfortable you’re happy. If you’re uncomfortable, you’re not.

Sometimes pad shifting just sneaks up on you. Another pair joins the stained underwear pile in your knicker drawer. Ugh. Few things are worse than a bunched up pad to put a damper on your day. And you’re not alone! According to our research, nearly half of you experienced pad shifting issues during your last period and just about 100% of you want a pad that doesn’t do that.*

That’s why Always MY FIT’s range of Ultra pads come in sizes tailored to every woman’s shape and flow for a more comfortable pad for your period. So, if you put it there, it will stay there.

And the pads are flexible so they mirror your body movements. You move, it moves with you. An Always MY FIT pad will stay just where you put it. Try them and get that perfect combo of fit, and protection.

*97% of consumers are interested in a pad that always stays in place and never ‘moves around’.
43% of consumers experienced issues in their last period with their pad not staying securely in place and ‘moving around’.
UK Online Survey, July’17, 177 consumers