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You May Be Wearing the Wrong Size Sanitary Pad! Here’s How to Fix It!

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Is there anything worse than a leaky sanitary pad!? Another pair of knickers relegated to the junk pile. Why does this always happen to you, you might think? You give yourself a thousand virtual slaps on the wrist – you didn’t change your pad in time, you didn’t wear the right shape knickers, your period is just way too heavy, your body hates you… and on and on. But, really, it has nothing to do with you. It’s your pad!

Here’s the thing. Not all pads are created equal. If not all women are shaped the same, why should all pads be the same? Choosing the right pad for you may prevent leaking. Sounds pretty straightforward. But the truth is that many women aren’t aware of the sanitary pad options out there, or which ones best suit their individual shape and flow.

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Here’s the big idea. We each have our own unique shape and flow, so the sanitary pads we wear should support and protect us in the ways our bodies need. Maybe you need more front to back coverage. Or maybe you need a pad for lighter flow. Either way, having options is key!

Introducing Always MY FIT. Always MY FIT is about finding a pad that fits your personal lifestyle, your needs, and your choices, offering up to 100% leakage protection.a

Always MY FIT

To help you find the right size pad for your unique shape, Always has put together the Always MY FIT Finder. Take a look and find the pad for you finding your perfect pad size and stopping leaks is as simple as that.

Here’s the good news. The Always Ultra line of pads come in four different sizes to fit women’s unique body shapes. Each size has its own unique shape.

Four pad sizes

The sizes are clearly marked on the outside of the package, too, in order to make it quick and easy to find the right size and grab it off the shelf. No more scrutinising each package to make sure you’re buying the right thing like you may have to do with other pads.