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Secondary Schools

This content is in line with the National Curriculum for England programme of study for science and the RSE, Citizenship and PSHE Association programmes of study. Register for free sample packs containing Always pads, Tampax tampons, and educational leaflets for your students in Year 7 and Year 9.*

*Schools with people with periods aged 11 to 14 in the UK and ROI may order one set of free samples for each eligible year group per academic year. Free samples are issued on a first come, first served basis. Tampons are only advisable for use by people with periods aged 13+.

Teacher explaining something to a schoolgirl aged 13-14Teacher explaining something to a schoolgirl aged 13-14

Topic Map

This topic map gives an overview of all the resources for students aged 13-14, including the videos and activity sheets available.

Three girls holding notebooks and looking at the phoneThree girls holding notebooks and looking at the phone


This lesson starts with a team-based puberty quiz to check and review students’ knowledge of puberty. They also learn about tampons, contraception, and facts about reproduction.

Two girls sitting on a bench and taking notes in a notebookTwo girls sitting on a bench and taking notes in a notebook


This lesson explores consent by encouraging students to consider how to give, withhold, and withdraw consent, through language, tone of voice and body language. It also looks at consent online and cyberbullying.

Girls basketball huddleGirls basketball huddle


This lesson introduces students to the emotional changes they go through at puberty and how social media might affect them. They’ll explore how people are presented on social media and how this can cause unrealistic expectations whilst learning about strategies to have a positive relationship with social media.