Secondary Schools

Help your students embrace their changing body with confidence and learn how to develop healthy relationships with themselves and others. Your 13-14 year old students can now benefit from new tailored, video-led lessons that will help develop their self-esteem and body confidence.

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Student and a teacher looking at a computer screenStudent and a teacher looking at a computer screen


The Teacher Guide will take you step by step through the eight lessons, and the Programme Overview highlights the specific topics covered in each module. The Taster Activity allows you to try out one of the activities with your students before teaching the complete programme.

Girls looking at notesGirls looking at notes


Provides students with answers to their biggest questions about puberty, growth and development. It covers the physical changes that occur, including the male and female reproductive systems, menstrual cycle, and information on available sanitary protection.

Girls basketball huddleGirls basketball huddle


Teaches students how to properly care for their changing bodies, both inside and out. This includes healthy eating, exercise, personal hygiene and sleep.

Girls sitting in a field and talkingGirls sitting in a field and talking


Addresses the emotional changes caused by puberty, including lack of confidence or low self-esteem. It encourages students to develop a growth mindset and pursue their ambitions with unstoppable confidence.

A girls team puts "all hands in" to cheer themselves onA girls team puts "all hands in" to cheer themselves on


Tackles the sport drop-off amongst girls at the point of puberty. This leverages the Always #LikeAGirl confidence-building campaign to help them understand they can still be active and encourage them to live to their fullest potential. You can also check our posters & flyers we developed in partnership with UN Women. They have been designed to help teachers and parents encourage girls to keep playing sport.

Woman running on a track fieldWoman running on a track field


Encourages students to work towards specific and realistic goals in incremental steps, building their confidence along the way.