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All of a sudden it feels like none of your clothes fit quite right. Everything feels just a little tight.

It’s that time of month.

Premenstrual bloating is no joke. In addition to making it hassle to pick something to wear, it can be quite uncomfortable! But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence.

Try these PMS bloating remedies to help alleviate the uncomfortable pudge you feel around your period.

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1 What is PMS bloating?

Bloating means your body is retaining water. This means your belly will feel heavy or swollen a few days before your period or just at the start of it. Bloating has two mechanisms. Fluid retention and gut function.

This can be uncomfortable and painful.Bloating PMS symptoms can include feeling tight or gaining weight. If you feel that any symptoms of bloating PMS happen for a long period of time (over 2 weeks), you should check with a doctor.

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2 What causes PMS bloating?

Premenstrual bloating is caused by the low levels of the hormone progesterone in your body right before and during your period. Progesterone helps your body get rid of excess water.

In addition, high levels of estrogen in the weeks leading up to your period lead to increased water retention. This creates the perfect storm for premenstrual bloating.

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3 PMS bloating remedies

Here are some simple, straightforward PMS bloating remedies that are easy to do:

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is key for flushing out any extra liquid in your body. If your body feels like it’s not getting enough water, it will go into panic mode and hold onto as much water as it can.

Keep a water bottle nearby and take sips throughout the day to combat the bloat. Cutting out caffeine – which dehydrates – can also help.

Avoid salty foods

Foods that are high in salt cause your body to retain water. Cut down on salty foods in your premenstrual meals. This can be a challenge when your premenstrual cravings are telling you to reach for a bag of crisps. But it’s worth it to resist the urge if it means being less bloated and more comfortable before your period.

This PMS bloating remedy can also reduce breakouts during your period. Not bad, if you ask us.


Sure, it can feel a little counterintuitive to exercise when you feel so crummy. But exercise enhances blood circulation, making it a great relief for PMS bloating. So put on your trainers and go for a brisk walk around the block for a feel-good PMS bloating remedy. Added bonus: exercise also boosts your endorphins – special chemicals in your brain that improve your mood.

And here a few more easy and quick tips to reduce bloating PMS symptoms and pain.

  • Avoid sugary drinks and any drinks that are carbonated as they can increase the size of your stomach and make you feel even more swollen.
  • Avoid chewing-gums as they make you swallow air and can increase bloating.
  • Add some calcium in your diet a few days before your period, this can help reduce bloating.
  • Relax, try some deep breathing exercises to ease the pain.
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