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What to Do When You Start Your Period

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What to do when you start your periodWhat to do when you start your period

First of all, congratulations! Getting your first period is a big milestone of growing up.

What should you do when you start your period? We’ve broken it down here – what to expect, how to prepare, and how to deal with it and know exactly what to do on your first period.

What should I do when my period comes?What should I do when my period comes?
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What should I do when my period comes?

When you get your first period be sure to tell your mum or a trusted adult. (No one will know when you start your period unless you tell them!)

Next, you’ll want to put on a sanitary towel in order to protect your knickers and clothing from period blood.

Here’s how to use a pad like Always Ultra:

  1. First, take it out of its wrapper.

  2. Next, pull off the paper strip on the back of the pad. If your pad has wings, pull the paper strip off the wings, too.

  3. Then, press the sticky side into your knickers. If there are wings on your pad, fold those over the sides of your knickers so they stick to the outside of your panties.

When you need to change your pad, remove it from your panties, wrap it up, and bin it. Never ever flush it! Be sure to wash your hands when you’re all done.

Ask your mum or older sister for a pad. She most likely has one lying around. If not, you can always use some toilet paper until you can go and buy some pads.

Wad up a good amount of toilet paper and put it in the crotch of your knickers to tide you over. But don’t wait too long! Toilet paper isn’t as absorbent as a pad. This is also a good trick to know if you end up getting your first period while at school or camp.

Post It

It takes the body time to adjust to the new hormones swirling around inside you.

You may want to mark down on a calendar when you get your first period. Once your period starts coming regularly, it will come about every 28 days, give or take. By marking it down, you’ll have some idea when your next one will come.

When you first start menstruation, your period will likely be irregular, meaning it won’t come on a regular 28-day cycle. This is perfectly normal. It will settle into a regular routine once your body gets a hang of this whole getting a period thing.

How can I prepare for my first period?How can I prepare for my first period?
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How can I prepare for my first period?

There’s no way of knowing exactly when you’ll start your period. So, when you get your period, it will be a little surprise. But it’s a surprise you can prepare for.

In order to be ready for when you start your period, keep a pack of pads on hand before you get your period, so you’ll be prepared for the big day.

Always Ultra

Always Ultra pads are a great option. They provide up to 100% leakage protection with an absorbent core that uses special technology that turns liquid into gel.

Always Ultra pads keep wetness away from your skin, so you’ll feel clean and fresh.

Now that you know what to do when you start your period, you can face this exciting new life event with extra confidence.

High five!