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Your monthly visitor. That time of month. Your monthly tide.

There are lots of ways to call your period.

But what if yours doesn’t come once a month?

Irregular periods are common, especially when you’re a teenager. You are not alone in your search for home remedies for irregular periods.

The average menstrual cycle is 28 days - meaning most women get their period about every 28 days or so. However, this is just an average.

Anywhere between 23 and 35 days is normal. It’s very common to have an irregular period in teenagers. There are number of reasons for this.

Before we delve into some irregular period problems solutions, let’s take a look at what causes them. Fluctuations in your hormones are the main cause of irregular periods. As a teenager, your hormones are still just getting the swing of things and getting an even keel.

That’s why irregular periods in teenagers are so common. Some other things that can affect your hormones – besides being new to them – are taking certain medications or an underlying medical condition that is affecting your hormones. If you’re concerned, talk to your health care provider.

Now, without further ado, here are some home remedies for irregular periods in teenagers:

  1. Wait a bit

    There are a number of reasons for irregular periods in teenagers. The main one – you’re new to menstruating. It can take your body about a year or two get used to all the new hormones in your system and get on a regular, predictable menstrual schedule.

    So, one of the main home remedies for an irregular period is, well, to wait. Your body just may sort itself out on its own.

    If it’s been more than two years since you got your first period and your period still doesn’t come on a regular schedule, you may want to reach out to your doctor to make sure there isn’t some underlying condition causing your irregularity.

    Once you know the root cause, together you can come up with treatments for your irregular periods.

  2. Reduce stress

    Stress can wreak havoc on your hormones. And guess what? Your hormones control your menstrual cycle. Reducing stress in your life is a great natural remedy for an irregular period because it just requires taking it easy.

    Invest in some quality relaxation time. Take a bath. Read a book. Go for a walk. Listen to your favourite music. Sounds kind of nice, doesn’t it?

  3. Ditch the extreme diet

    Extreme dieting and weight loss can interrupt your menstrual cycle, causing you to have an irregular period – or no period at all! Eating properly and maintaining a healthy weight – not too thin and not too heavy – is a healthy solution for irregular period problems.

    Instead of adopting a strict diet regimen, keep in mind that all bodies are beautiful in their own way, regardless of their shape and size.

    Every girl develops in her own way and at her own pace, as well. It’s what makes us all individuals – and we think that’s great! Practice looking in the mirror and loving what you see.

    Just like anything else, the more you practice, the more confident you become. Confidence and self-love are also fantastic natural remedies for irregular periods.

  4. Leave behind overly intense exercise

    Extreme exercise can also lead to an irregular period. Moderation in exercise and sports are the best when it comes to irregular period treatments. They boost your mood, build your confidence, and keep you healthy.

    But when exercise gets too extreme, it has a negative effect on your endocrine system – aka the system in your body that controls your hormones. An easy home remedy for irregular periods is to take it easy with exercising.

  5. Eat a balanced diet

    Eating nutritious, vitamin- and mineral-packed food is a straightforward home remedy for irregular periods in teenagers.

    Eating food that properly fuels your body will keep it functioning properly – which also means getting a regular period.

    If you have a diet that is overly rich in carbohydrates, try adding in some leafy greens and veg for some more balance.

  6. Practice yoga or relaxation

    Yoga can help maintain normal hormone levels in your body, which can mean getting on a regular cycle.

    Not only is yoga great for regulating your menstrual cycle, it’s also been shown to reduce menstrual cramps and some of the emotional symptoms of getting your period.

  7. Track your period

    What you think is an irregular period may not be your period at all. It may be spotting – drops of pink or brown blood on your knickers or when you wipe.

    A lot of girls mistake spotting for their period. However, spotting is usually due to hormone changes during ovulation – when your ovaries release an egg right in the middle of your cycle.

    Tracking your period with a calendar app will help you distinguish between the two for an easy home remedy to irregular periods in teenagers.

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