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Portrait of a girl smiling in a school hallwayPortrait of a girl smiling in a school hallway

Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset

The attitudes and beliefs we have about ourselves are often referred to as a mindset and they can shape our view of the world.

Psychologist Carol Dweck first described two types of mindset that can have a big impact on how we live our lives: a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

What is a fixed mindset?

With a fixed mindset, we assume that basic qualities like our intelligence and talents are fixed traits that we have no control over. We’ll say things like, “you either have it, or you don’t” and will stop trying when faced with a challenge.

What is a growth mindset?

With a growth mindset, we believe that new abilities can be developed through practise. We just have to keep trying and learn from our mistakes. On average, people who adopt a growth mindset, get better grades, do better in the face of challenges and are generally more successful.

Differences between a fixed & growth mindset
Differences between a fixed & growth mindset
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How to develop a growth mindset

Post It



I can't do it!

I give up

I can't make this any better

I'll never be that smart

I'm pretty good at science BUT I still get a B

I can't do it, YET!

I'll use a different strategy

I can always improve

I will learn how to do this

I'm pretty good at science AND I'm getting better every week