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# How Having Mucus Discharge Can Help You Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant can seem like it is in the hands of the gods at times. It is as though all the stars have to be perfectly aligned for there to be a chance of it happening, and then you have a millisecond to act on it, before they all scatter across the night sky again!

But while true enough, there are many aspects of getting pregnant that you can’t control, there are some steps you can take to understand when those stars are at least heading to the place where you want them, so you can be prepared to act… Some signs to help you take those preparation steps come from unexpected places. It may surprise you, but taking note of your vaginal discharge can be extremely useful, as it has plenty of secret messages for you.

What happens down in your lady bits can feel like a real mystery at times, but realising that your discharge can unlock the puzzle, is quite a revelation!

# Your new best friend

Discharge in general is normal and an important body function, but there is one discharge in particular that you want to take note of, if you are trying to get pregnant.

Basically, in a nut shell…at this stage, thick mucus discharge is your best friend!

The reason for this is that it is a sign that you are about to enter your most fertile period. This means that once you spot mucus discharge, you have every excuse to hot-foot it to the bedroom and stay there for the next few days!

# What is mucus discharge?

Thick mucus discharge is the one that looks like an egg white. It is stretchy, and if you held some of it between two fingers and pulled them apart, you could stretch it a good couple of inches without it breaking.

At times it can feel waterier, as it is helping the vagina to feel wet and well lubricated, but ultimately it is the slimy discharge feel to it that gives away the fact it is fertile mucus.

Mucus discharge doesn’t generally hang around for long though – between one and five days on the whole – so be sure to keep an eye out for any slimy discharge in your underwear or on the toilet paper.

What causes mucus discharge

Assuming you have a menstrual cycle that lasts for 28 days (the average cycle length) then your fertile window peaks at day 14. In the days running up to and around this, your cervix wants to produce perfect discharge to help the sperm make its way up to the egg. That is what this mucus is.

# But I don’t want to get pregnant!

Of course, if what you are wanting to do is avoid getting pregnant, then the appearance of this mucus discharge is exactly the time when you need to be super careful and use added protection.

And in either situation you probably don’t want to feel the effects of heavy mucus discharge in your underwear, so having an Always Dailies Pantyliner to hand, is the ideal bit of forward planning. They absorb humidity and odors, leaving you feeling fresh all day, every day! + add more details about how they absorb humidity and odors so you can feel fresh all day, everyday.