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You’re growing a little human! How amazing.

This comes with lots of changes – some of them pretty obvious, but some of them may come as a surprise. Like changes in your discharge.

The many colours of pregnancy discharge may have you a little distressed. But we’re here to decode the rainbow for you, to let you know what it all means, when to worry, and when not (hint: most often, it’s a “no worry” situation!).

Pregnancy is a time of change. Not only does your body change shape as your baby grows inside you, so do your hormones. The colour, consistency, and amount of discharge you produce is highly linked to your hormone levels. This means that as your hormones change as your pregnancy progresses, so will your discharge.

White discharge

The hormonal fluctuations in your body prompt the production of increased discharge that can range from clear to milky white in colour. It can sometimes be quite thick and mucous-like. This is normal. This increased white discharge during pregnancy is your body’s way of protecting against infection by creating an extra barrier between your growing foetus and the outside world. You’ll notice increased white discharge in early pregnancy. It may continue to increase throughout your pregnancy, and even after.

Pink discharge

Pink discharge during pregnancy can mean a few things. A few weeks to a few days before the end of your pregnancy, you will shed your mucous plug, a thick, gelatinous mucous that forms in the first trimester to seal off your cervix during pregnancy. The mucous plug is sometimes tinged pink with blood. This can lead to pink discharge in your underwear a few days before you go into labour. This is known as your “bloody show.” Contact your doctor or midwife when this happens to let them know you may be going into labour soon, and to take the next steps to prepare for birth.

Yellow discharge

Yellow discharge during pregnancy can be normal but may be a sign of infection, perhaps a yeast infection or vaginosis – an upset in the bacterial balance of your vagina. This is especially true if it has a fishy or off-putting odour. Either way, it is not huge cause for alarm, but you should consult your doctor or health care provider in order to clear things up as soon as possible.

Brown discharge

This type of discharge gets women most worried that something is wrong with them or their baby. Brown discharge during pregnancy most often is completely harmless. During pregnancy, your cervix is particularly sensitive due to hormone fluctuations and increased blood flow to the area. This means that it may bleed slightly during sex or a gynaecological exam, which will result in some brown discharge in your knickers. In rare cases, brown discharge during pregnancy can be a sign of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. In these cases, the brown discharge is also coupled with pain and cramping. To be on the safe side, contact your medical care provider as soon as possible to make sure everything is in the clear. He or she may want to perform an exam to make sure everything is in order. For extra peace of mind, it never hurts to err on the side of caution. If you are actively bleeding, call your doctor immediately.

Staying fresh

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Always Dailies is on a mission to bust common myths around vaginal discharge. In fact, vaginal discharge is totally normal and happens to all of us women. Why make it a taboo topic? We want to provide you with all the information you need and ask for. In case you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us under 0080077634434 or 08000285884 (UK), 1800509203 (IRE).