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Puberty is a time full of exciting changes.

It’s when physical and emotional changes happen to you as you grow and mature.

Though it’s an exciting time, you may be wondering when puberty ends.

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When does puberty end for girls?

Puberty ends for girls about 5 to 6 years after it starts. Puberty starts for most girls between the ages 8 and 10. This means that puberty ends for girls between the ages 14 and 16.

But don’t worry if you’re a late bloomer! It’s typical to start puberty any time before age 14. Of course, this also means you’ll end puberty a little later.

However, these are pretty big ranges. When puberty ends for girls depends a lot on the individual. Each girl is different and unique.

Things like genetics (ask other female members of the family what they experienced during puberty) and environment have an impact on when puberty starts and stops.

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When will I know when I’ve started puberty?

There are a few signs to look out for that signal when girls hit puberty. The first is usually the development of breast buds, small mounds of flesh under the nipple.

Breast buds can be very sensitive when they’re growing. Many girls prefer to wear soft, comfortable fabrics during this time to avoid any additional irritation. It may be time to start wearing a bra.

Visit a shop for a fitting to determine what size bra works best for you. And don’t forget to have fun! Bras come in lots of fun colours and designs.

Breast buds will continue growing into fully formed breasts. Breast development continues until age 17 or 18, even after the end of puberty. It’s good to know that your breast size is mainly influenced by heredity.

Once puberty is complete and breasts reach their adult size they will continue to vary in shape and size over a woman’s life.

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What physical changes happen during puberty?

By the end of puberty, girls will have grown face, armpit, leg and pubic hair. Their body will have developed its own unique odour as increased production of sweat happens at puberty.

Sweating may not be anyone’s favourite topic, but it’s actually pretty cool to understand how the body works. Just as some glands start producing more oil during puberty, sweat glands start producing more perspiration. This is important because it helps regulate the body temperature – as the sweat evaporates away from the body it takes the heat with it!

Another physical change is the broadening of hips and thighs, girls’ body will have grown curves by the end of puberty. Girls will also have developed vaginal discharge, and started menstruating.

When do girls finish puberty?

Hopefully you now feel equipped to answer this question and know the main changes you’ll experience. Just remember, your time is the right time!