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All About Early Puberty in Girls

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It may feel like you’re developing much faster than your friends are. You’re not alone.

Girls around the world are starting puberty and getting their periods earlier than their mothers did. Early puberty in girls is growing more and more common.

And it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you! While it can be difficult to develop earlier than your friends, your body is just on its own schedule, doing its own thing.

Scientists are still researching why this may happen to girls in many countries of the world.

On the personal, individual level, early puberty in girls is no big deal. Adopting a positive view of the changes happening to your body is key.

Your body is doing a perfectly healthy thing. It’s just ahead of the curve.

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What is early puberty?

Puberty typically starts between the ages of 9 and 13. The first sign of puberty is usually the growth of breast buds, little tender knots under your nipples that then develop into breasts.

When this happens before the age of 8, this is known as early onset puberty. This means growing pubic hair, developing curvy hips, and getting your first period also gets pushed up, happening earlier than other girls, often when you’re still in elementary school. These are all early puberty symptoms.

Early onset puberty is different than precocious puberty, which is a medical condition caused by an abnormality in the brain and the way it releases chemicals in your body called hormones. Precocious puberty usually starts before the age of 7. If you suspect this is your case, see a doctor.

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What are the causes of early puberty?

We’re all unique and the way our brain works is unique too! Some people will start creating more hormones earlier in life than others. Here are a short list of early puberty causes:

  • Being a girl.
  • Being obese.
  • Special genetics. Your parents or sibling might have experienced the same things.
  • Having specific medical conditions.

If you’re concerned and can’t define the causes of an early puberty with the list we’ve just seen, you should consult a doctor.

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What should I do if I experience early puberty?

Being prepared and knowing what to expect is important for feeling good about the changes that occur to you if you experience early puberty in girls. If you have questions about your body, ask your mom or a trusted adult.

They have been through it and can help you, so there’s no need to be shy or embarrassed! If you already have your period, ask them about sanitary towels.

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How to deal with my period?

Dealing with your period at school can be tricky. When you’re the only one of your friends who has started menstruating, you may or may not feel comfortable announcing it to the world when you have your period.

That’s what’s great about Always pads. They are thin enough to slip into your pocket to take with you to the bathroom when you need to change your pad. Also, with up to 100% leakage protection, Always sanitary towels lock away liquids and odours ensuring you won’t have any period accidents.

Going through early puberty is a little like getting to a party early before all the guests have arrived. It can feel a little uncomfortable at first.

Maybe there are only a few other people there to awkwardly chat with around the snack table. But that goes away once everyone else arrives – and in the end, it’s actually pretty fun.

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