Portrait of a two girls smiling in front of a light green wallPortrait of a two girls smiling in front of a light green wall

Always has partnered with over 60 organizations that serve girls in need around the world, including Save The Children, UN Women & UNICEF. In the past 10 years, our programs have reached over 50 countries and delivered over 100 million pads to girls who need them most.

Here’s a snapshot of just a few of our programmes:

Always donates over 14 million pads and uses the power of poetry to highlight the damaging effects of period poverty.

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Pads donated so far

At Always we believe every girl should have access to sanitary protection. That's why we launched a campaign in March 2018 to help #EndPeriodPoverty. As a result and thanks to your help, we have now donated over 14 million pads to UK school girls in need.

Part of this donation was in partnership with community organisation, The Red Box Project and fuelled by a collection of bright young voices who captured the struggles, shame and consequences of period poverty through the power of poetry. This collection of 12 InstaPoets and digital influencers were headed by British poet, author and spoken word artist, Hollie McNish and included the likes of influencers Nikita Gill, Greta Bellamacina and Jen Campbell.

For every like or comment their poems received, Always donated a pad to The Red Box Project. These pads have gone on to fill boxes of sanitary products delivered directly to schools across the UK through a network of volunteers.

Our latest research not only revealed that girls are missing school, or that parents are resorting to stealing in order to provide for their daughters, but that period poverty has a detrimental effect on a girl’s future. Sadly, over half of women who have experienced period poverty believe it has had a direct effect on their success, confidence and happiness.

Shockingly, we also found that 6 in ten females who experienced period poverty were bullied at school, leading to low confidence as an adult as well as anxiety and depression.

Changing the World of Refugee Girls with UNESCO and Save the Children

Changing the World of Refugee Girls with UNESCO & Save the ChildrenChanging the World of Refugee Girls with UNESCO & Save the Children

The Syrian Crisis is one of the biggest challenges of our generation. It has had a significant negative impact not only on Syrian refugees, but on Jordanian host communities, and among those most affected are refugee girls and young women.

Many Syrian refugee girls are no longer able to attend school and many young women are unable to work and provide income for their families, lacking access to training and facing gender-based barriers that keep them at home.

P&G and Always are working to stop this, rooted in the belief that education is key to empowering Syrian refugee girls and young women so they are confident, skilled, strong and equipped to take charge of their future even in the most challenging circumstances. That’s why we’ve partnered with UNESCO and Save the Children, to help refugees by empowering over 1000 young girls & women living in Jordan through education, life skills and work readiness training.

Always Keeping Girls in School: Africa

Always Keeping Girls in School: AfricaAlways Keeping Girls in School: Africa

In sub-Saharan Africa, many girls miss school during their period and might even drop out. Research shows that providing education on puberty and menstrual hygiene, giving access to period products and discussing taboos around menstruation can alleviate this issue.

Together with governments and local associations we work hard to make sure schools have proper sanitary facilities and have the tools to educate girls on feminine hygiene.

Since it started in 2006, the “Always Keeping Girls in School programme” helped 170 000 girls and donated 11 million pads to keep them in school.

Puberty, Health & Hygiene Education with Save the Children

Puberty, Health & Hygiene Education with Save the ChildrenPuberty, Health & Hygiene Education with Save the Children

Always, with the help of Save the Children, has helped empower over 10,000 girls in Nepal, Ethiopia and Mexico.

“Puberty can be a scary time for girls when they, their families and their communities don’t have the facts. In many of the places where Save the Children works, a lack of information or misinformation, along with no access to bathrooms or sanitary products, contributes to girls missing days of school or dropping out of school altogether. Save the Children values our partnership with P&G and our shared vision of making sure girls have the knowledge and confidence to navigate the challenging journey of puberty, so they can stay in school and shine."

Always + UNESCO: Girl’s Literacy Programme

Always + UNESCO: Girl’s Literacy ProgrammeAlways + UNESCO: Girl’s Literacy Programme

Always believes that nothing should hold girls back from being their amazing, unstoppable selves. And what’s the single biggest opportunity for girl empowerment? Education. In 2011, around 500 million adult women around the world were lacking basic literacy skills. In Senegal alone, more than 4 out of 10 girls dropped out of primary school in 2010. Always wanted to change this. So in 2011, Always and UNESCO teamed up to give thousands of girls access to literacy education in Africa.We have committed to reach a total of 110,000 girls across Nigeria & Senegal with literacy and education programmes by the end of 2019, giving them the access to the education they need to make their dreams come true.