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What are Periods Called in Other Countries?

Girl smiling while walking down the streetGirl smiling while walking down the street

Girls all over the world have secret code words for their periods! Learn what phrases are used to talk about menstruation in other countries, and remember: puberty is totally normal, everywhere.

  • Brazil: “I’m on my days.” (Naqueles días.)
  • China: “Big aunt is visiting!” (大姨妈来访.)
  • France: "Thinga-ma-jig." (Les machins.)
  • Germany: “I have my days.” (Ich hab meine Tage.)
  • India: “Chums.”
  • Japan: “Little strawberry.”(いちごちゃん.)
  • Mexico: “Andres has arrived.” (Llegó Andres.)
  • Russia: “Little Red Riding Hood is coming.”(Красная шапочка.)
  • United Kingdom: “Riding the crimson wave.”
  • United States of America: “Aunt Flo is visiting.”

What code words and phrases do you use when talking about your periods?