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How to Know When You're Going to Start Your Period

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Getting your first period is full of excitement and anticipation – especially when trying to figure out when it’s going to come.

That’s why how to know when you start your period is a question on a lot of girls’ minds.

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When will I start my period?

So, here’s a teensy bit of bad news. There’s no way to know exactly when you’ll start your period. Your body is on its own rhythm and schedule. It will start menstruating when it is ready.

But there’s some good news, too. There are a number of changes your body will go through before starting your period that will tip you off that your first period may be just around the corner. They are:

  • Developing breast buds
  • Growing pubic hair and underarm hair
  • Getting vaginal discharge – that white or clear fluid you may see in your knickers

Vaginal discharge, especially, is a clue that your body’s hormones are changing and that you may be starting your period soon.

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How do I handle vaginal discharge?

Always Dailies Pantyliners

Once you start experiencing vaginal discharge, you may want to start wearing Always Dailies pantyliners.

Pantyliners go in the crotch of your knickers and absorb moisture, fluid, and odours. Always Dailies protect your knickers and keep you feeling fresh and confident.

Wearing one is like having a morning fresh pair of knickers on all day long, so you won’t be bothered by vaginal discharge.

Girl Talk Episode 1Girl Talk Episode 1

Watch this video and get all the information you need about your first period.

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How often should I get my period?

Once you get your period, how to know when you’re going to start your next period is much easier. Generally speaking, you’ll start your period every 28 days.

It’s totally okay if you get yours a little sooner or later than that each month. Anywhere between 21 to 35 days is normal. You can work out how to find your average cycle here.

Once you start menstruating, you’ll see that fateful red menstrual fluid just about once a month. That’s how you know when you started your period. But for a lot of girls, it’s not that straightforward.

Your first period (and the next few after that) may just look like brown spotting in your knickers. It’s not the red blood you may have been expecting.

That’s because your body is just getting a hang of this whole menstruating thing and hasn’t quite sorted out what to do with all the new hormones floating around your body.

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How do I make sure I'm prepared for my period?

Always Ultra Day period pads

Even though there’s no way to exactly predict or know when you start your period, you may want to stock up on Always Ultra pads at home if you’ve started to experience some of the changes above and think you’re about to start your period.

Always Ultra pads have an absorbent core that turns liquid into gel – and gel can’t leak – so you’ll feel confident and protected on your period.

They are individually wrapped so you can tuck one (or a few!) in your back pack, purse or even your luggage to have it handy when you go away.

During your period you want to feel comfortable and protected, that goes without a question. That's why Always Platinum period pads have an enhanced core with more absorbent material, as well as the dual layer top sheet with soft micro-cushions acting as effective leakage barriers. We also added soft wings to keep the pad in place, so feel confident and comfortable through the day!