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Your period is supposed to come once a month, right? After all, that’s why it gets called your monthly visitor.

But there's much more to the story. Often, your period doesn't actually come on the same day of each calendar month. In other words, it won't come on, say, the 14th of every month.

Understanding when your period is supposed to come is pretty simple once you get the hang of it, but it takes some figuring out. So, if it’s not coming every month on the dot, how often is a period?

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Watch this video and get all the information you need about your first period.

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How often should I get my period?

The average menstrual cycle is 28 days. This means that you’ll get your period just about every 28 days (counting from the first day of your period).

In reality, that 28 number varies from girl to girl, woman to woman. It can even vary slightly from month to month. Anywhere between 21 and 35 days is normal. That’s how often you should have a period, once your period is regular.

If you’ve just started menstruating, it’s normal for your period not to come on a regular schedule. You may skip a month or two, or you may get two periods really close together. Your body should get the hang of this whole menstruation thing within a year or so and get on a regular cycle after that.

Menstrual Cycle InfographicMenstrual Cycle Infographic
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What if my period isn't regular?

If you find that your period isn't regular after a year or so, or your menstrual cycle is consistently shorter than 21 days or longer than 35 days, tell a trusted adult and consult your doctor.

It may be a sign of a hormonal imbalance, that you can work out how to manage with your doctor.

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Can I calculate when I'll get my next period?

Wondering when your next period is due?

Figuring out your period can seem like a suspenseful mystery – especially when you’re waiting for it to come.

Figuring out how many days are in your menstrual cycle will let you calculate how often your period is.

So, to answer the question: YES, you can calculate when you’ll get your next period.

Read more about calculating your menstrual cycle:

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Getting prepared for your period

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Knowing how often your period is can also help you sort out why you were feeling super emotional this past week, or why you didn’t have much energy. It’s not you. It’s your period that’s just around the corner. It can also help you know when to plan for your favourite ice cream and when to stock up on period supplies, like Always Ultra pads.

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