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Don’t Panic About Puberty

We keep telling you how normal going through puberty is for a reason — it really is normal! If you can keep from panicking, you can use this special time in your life to learn about yourself. Here are some ways to keep from worrying too much.

  • Take care of yourself. Be careful with food cravings (like wanting only ice cream for dinner). Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Exercise. This is good for your body and mind. Taking out your anger on a tennis ball or treadmill can make you feel great again, too.
  • Talk to someone. Amazingly, parents and teachers can be really helpful, and you can count on other adults, too, if you're more comfortable with that. Your friends might really appreciate knowing that you're going through puberty just like they are, but don't depend on them for real information. Go to someone who's been through it.
  • Concentrate on school and hobbies. Your brain is growing, and this is a great opportunity to use it. The hobbies that you liked in the past will be even more fun now, and you'll develop new interests. Do something creative to express all your new emotions. You’ll probably notice that doing what you love gives you lots of self-confidence, too!

How do you keep from panicking about puberty?
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