• Our #1 sanitary towel for comfort & protection (within ALWAYS Ultra range)
  • More softness with 1000 cottony-soft micro-cushions (vs. ALWAYS Ultra) (does not contain cotton)
  • More protection with highly absorbing side-barriers (vs. ALWAYS Ultra)
  • 60% larger back than Always Platinum Normal (Size 1) for extra night protection
  • Enhanced powerful core with more absorbent material (vs. ALWAYS Ultra)
  • Neutralises odours (odour neutralising technology that contains a light scent)
  • Sanitary towel dermatologically tested to be gentle on skin
  • Sanitary towel with wings to keep the pad secure and in place

More softness*

60% larger back

1000 cottony-soft** micro-cushions for even more comfortable protection* to get you through your day.
*vs. ALWAYS Ultra
**does not contain cotton

More protection*

Ultra fit

Soft micro-cushions act as side barriers for additional protection* to keep leaks in check.
*vs. ALWAYS Ultra

powerful core

Dry Feel

Featuring an enhanced powerful core that’s made with more absorbent material* to feel confident no matter what.
*vs. ALWAYS Ultra

Strong odour locking

Incredibly soft

Odour Neutralising Technology locks away odours with a light scent and doesn’t just mask them so you can feel fresh all day.

ALWAYS Platinum Sanitary Towel with wings is the best pad within the ALWAYS Ultra range for comfort & protection thanks to its unique dual layered topsheet with micro-cushions.Its 1000 micro-cushions provide more softness and comfort (vs. ALWAYS Ultra).


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Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart

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Comparison Chart


What is ALWAYS Platinum?

ALWAYS Platinum is an advanced range of sanitary towels that enhances softness and protection with a dual layer top sheet and a more absorbent core (vs. ALWAYS Ultra). The top sheet combines a soft non-woven top sheet with a mesh top sheet to combine the benefits of protection and comfort. The top sheet has an absorbent centre and cottony-soft micro-cushions at the sides, which absorb and also act as leakage barriers. ALWAYS Platinum is designed to absorb fast, while being dry and comfortable to wear. In addition, ALWAYS Platinum has a more absorbent core, as it contains more absorbent material than ALWAYS Ultra.

Why is ALWAYS Platinum the number one from ALWAYS Ultra for protection and comfort?

ALWAYS Platinum is our best ALWAYS Ultra pad, as it contains an enhanced core with more absorbent material (vs. ALWAYS Ultra). Additionally, the dual layer top sheet has soft micro-cushions which act as leakage barriers. The top sheet is made out of two layers that contain a soft non-woven material for increased wearing comfort. Research has shown that consumers find this new top sheet softer (vs. ALWAYS Ultra). This unique combination makes ALWAYS Platinum the number one within the ALWAYS Ultra range for protection and comfort.

How often should I change my ALWAYS Platinum sanitary towel?

The frequency with which you change your sanitary towel depends on your particular flow. The heavier your flow, the more often you should change your sanitary towel to reduce the risk of leaking. The lighter your flow, the less often you may need to change your sanitary towel. It is recommended to change your sanitary towel every four to eight hours.

What’s the difference between day and night sanitary towels?

ALWAYS Platinum Night and Secure Night (Size 3, 4) sanitary towels are specially designed for overnight protection and offer more coverage, whereas ALWAYS Platinum Normal (Size 1) and ALWAYS Platinum Long (Size 2) sanitary towels were designed for optimal daytime protection.

What sizes do ALWAYS Platinum sanitary towels come in?

ALWAYS Platinum sanitary towels come in four different sizes: Normal (Size 1), Long (Size 2), Night (Size 3), and Secure Night (Size 4).

How do I avoid leaks?

ALWAYS Platinum sanitary towels are designed to be even more protective (vs. ALWAYS Ultra). There are several ALWAYS Platinum products available that offer different absorption levels. You might want to try a longer sanitary towel for additional absorption needs.



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