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ALWAYS Infinity - The only pad made of SmartFoam

  • Our #1 comfort & protection
  • Absorbs 10x its weight
  • Moulds to your body so you barely feel it
  • ALWAYS Infinity is made of SmartFoam
  • Micro holes pull liquid deep down for a dry feeling
  • Channels for leakage protection and flexibility
  • Incredibly soft and thin
  • Sanitary towel dermatologically tested to be gentle on skin



ALWAYS SmartFoam

SmartFoam helps the ALWAYS Infinity sanitary towel mould to your body so you barely feel it leaving you free to focus on making the most of your day.

Superior Protection

ALWAYS Superior Protection

Absorbs 10x its weight for superior protection.

Dry Feel


Micro holes pull liquid deep down for a dry feeling that ensures lasting comfort and confidence.

Incredibly Soft

ALWAYS Incredibly Soft

Incredibly soft and thin, ensuring ease of movement and peace of mind.


Its special foam core moulds to your body like memory foam so you barely feel it. It has micro holes that pull liquid deep down for a dry feeling and channels for leakage protection and flexibility. Try ALWAYS Infinity Night (Size 3), our ultimate protection for the night.



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How is ALWAYS Infinity with SmartFoam better than other ALWAYS sanitary towels?

ALWAYS Infinity was developed to provide women with another choice in feminine protection that may better fit their needs. ALWAYS Infinity is made with SmartFoam, a new technology that absorbs 10x its weight yet you barely feel it. There are micro holes, form-fitting channels, and a unique wider-at-the-back shape to help provide women an intimate fit for effective protection. ALWAYS Infinity has the established and reliable wing design with a unique double-curve shape and stretched areas that allow the wing to follow the shape of underwear and its curvature during wearing. Additionally, there is a soft-top layer that helps the sanitary towel feel more like underwear.

Why do you call Infinity “revolutionary”?

More than 60 patents – were generated in the development of the material, the finished product and the production – and are a testament to the R&D innovation behind ALWAYS Infinity. ALWAYS Infinity is the only feminine protection product with SmartFoam, a new technology that absorbs 10x its weight yet you barely feel it. Also, ALWAYS Infinity is the only product with micro holes, form-fitting channels, and a unique, intuitive; “wider-at-the-back” shape to help the sanitary towels achieve a critical three-dimensional body fit for effective protection.

Why all this talk about fit?

Fit is critical to a sanitary towel's performance. A sanitary towel with proper fit will absorb better and provide a better experience for women. The combination of the SmartFoam core and the holes helps make the Infinity sanitary towel able to achieve critical three-dimensional body fit and ultimately provide women effective protection.

What is SmartFoam?

SmartFoam is a new technology that is found only in ALWAYS Infinity feminine sanitary towels. It is a soft, very absorbent foam. Its layered structure allows fluid to be quickly drawn from the top of the sanitary towel deep into the bottom layer, where it is stored.

How does SmartFoam differ from current super-absorbent materials?

SmartFoam is the only light foam sanitary towel available in feminine hygiene products. This foam structure with open and interconnected cells acquires liquid and distributes it effectively. SmartFoam keeps its shape even when wet. Traditional sanitary towels are constructed from cellulose fibers, which store fluid more "locally" and can collapse when wet.

How can Infinity work with all these holes?

Micro holes/apertures are designed to provide more void surface area for the fluid to get into the SmartFoam core and help absorb gushes. The fluid that enters through the holes is captured and absorbed by the core on its way down. In addition, the form fitting channels flex to fit you and help follow the body’s movement, thus helping the Infinity sanitary towel achieve critical three-dimensional body fit.

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The best

These are great . Never leak with them . Feel confident at work wearing them

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I couldn't believe how i couldnt feel the towle i have recommended to many of my friends. I could enjoy my day with out beimg worried about leaks and i wore leggings with out the worry of feeling conscious.

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My always review

For the best sanitary towel I will always recommend always! Always really means always.. Always feel clean, always feel dry, always feel protected, always feel comfortable, always smell lovely! And always feel safe as in I'm not going to have no leaks. Great product suitable for people like myself who suffer with really heavy periods.

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