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How to Choose the Right Sanitary Pad Size?

Portraits of women standing in the streetPortraits of women standing in the street

One Size Does Not Fit All

Tall, short, Rubenesque, Twiggy-esque, shapely or lithe. It’s no secret that women come in many shapes and sizes – each with her own inherent beauty to be highlighted and accentuated by the right clothing size and cut for her body. Skinny jeans or maxi skirts? Capris or flared leg? Shopping around for the right fit for your body can be half the fun of getting dressed. What fits you may not fit your friend and vice versa. And that’s really great! The diversity of our bodies is what makes us unique, and life a little more interesting. Let’s embrace it, instead of conforming to the same size.

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Did you know that there are even health benefits to wearing the correct size for your body? Take bras, for instance. Without the right fit, you may experience backaches, stretched tendons, and discomfort.

But have you ever stopped to think… then why settle for ‘one size fits all’ when choosing feminine hygiene products? Why settle for a standard issue, ill-fitting and leaky sanitary pad? Why settle for less, when you deserve more?

Finding the right fit is necessary ‘down there’ as well. We each have our own unique shape and flow. But how many of us have given thought to the size of our sanitary pad? So why is that we all wear the same size sanitary pad?

That’s why Always is introducing its new Always Ultra range of pads that come in four distinct sizes for every woman’s unique flow and shape. Each size has Secureguard contours for maximum protection no matter what activity you’re doing.

Here’s how to find the right size for you.

Product size chart

To find out your size, look at the top of the chart above to find your shape and on the left of the chart to find your flow, and then pick the right number based on where those two points meet on the grid. For example, if you wear a medium and have light flow, we recommend Size 1. But if you have heavy flow, we recommend Size 3. For extra night protection you can use Size 4 or 5. The better the fit, the better it protects.