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You may have heard a lot of talk about PMS, or premenstrual syndrome.

PMS is experienced by most girls once they get their period. In fact, about 75% of girls experience PMS, and it's completely normal. But when does PMS start? Just how “pre” is premenstrual syndrome?

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1 When does PMS start?

Generally, PMS starts anywhere between 5 to 11 days before the onset of your period. It will typically go away after the first day or two of your period. However, when PMS starts varies from girl to girl.

Each girl’s body has a slightly different hormonal balance and each body has a slightly different reaction to the hormonal changes that take place during menstruation.

For instance, your friend may complain of breast tenderness right before her period, while you don’t feel any soreness in your breasts at all.

You may get headaches before your period, but you sister doesn’t. This is normal. Each person is an individual. It’s what makes us each unique.

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2 Is PMS the same every month?

When you get PMS can also vary from month to month. Some months you’ll barely feel a thing until the day before your period, while others your PMS may start a full week before your period.

This is due to normal fluctuations in your hormones from month to month. However, if you pay careful attention, you’ll start to see a general pattern in your PMS symptoms and when they start.

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