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The Down Low on Period Underwear

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There are so many styles, cuts and colours of underwear out there! So what are the best to wear during your periods?

Old or New? Up to You

Some girls like to wear their oldest, least favourite pair of pants when they’re having their period, just in case something happens and they get a stain on them. Others prefer to wear their newest, most favourite pair during that time of month because they say it helps them to feel fresh and good.

Afraid of Stains?

If you wear tampons and you’re worried about stains on your underwear on heavy days of your period, you may want to consider wearing a pantyliner. They give extra protection for those oh-oh, bleed-through accidents.

Stain Smarts

If your period catches you by surprise and you get a stain on your underwear, remember that COLD water and salt work best for getting out blood stains. Then wash as normal with detergent.

Size Matters

Whatever your choice, make sure that your period underwear is the right size, especially if you’re wearing a pad. Your underwear is what helps keep your pad or pantyliner in the right place, and if your underwear is too big or old and no longer has all its elasticity, there’s a bigger chance that it won’t.

What period underwear work best for you?