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Wondering when your period is going to come?

Your body has a way of telling you by way of a bunch of period symptoms that you may pick up on if you pay close attention.

About a week before their period, many girls notice they feel a little, well, different. The technical term for these symptoms before your period is pre-menstrual syndrome – aka PMS.

Sometimes the symptoms before your period sneak up on you. Only after you notice that spot of blood in your knickers does the past week, all of a sudden, make much more sense.

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The most common signs before your period

That’s why you got in a row with your bestie, blew up at your mom, felt too tired to hang out after school, and cried watching that sappy advert on the telly.

These were all signs of getting your period, but you just didn’t know it yet. Knowing what to look out for can help make sure your period symptoms don’t get the better of you, and you’re ready for your period.

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All of your clothes suddenly are not quite right

Bloating is a common sign of your period coming. It may feel like none of your clothes feel exactly as they should. Don’t fret.

It’s mostly water weight, is perfectly normal, and goes away in a few days. By the way, staying hydrated can help with bloating, always a good tip to remember!

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You're irked by just about everyone

Moodiness is a common menstruation symptom. The hormones in your body can affect your mood and your patience for things that wouldn’t normally get under your skin.

So, if everything feels like the absolute worst, don’t worry. It will pass. Sometimes some strategically planned alone time is just what you need.

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Just about everything makes you tear up

You may feel extra sensitive before your period arrives. Puppies, TV, babies, lunch, homework, your mom - it may feel like just about anything and anyone can make you cry. It can feel like your emotions are going haywire and that you feel like crying at the drop of a hat.

Before getting alarmed, check the calendar. Are you about to get your period? These may be menstruation symptoms. If so, know to take a deep breath, keep calm, and not get too flustered by how you’re feeling.

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Cramps, backaches, headaches, all kinds of aches

You may feel cramps in your lower abdomen right before and during your period. Don’t worry. Nothing is wrong and you’re not dying.

Try using a hot water bottle to ease the discomfort. Staying warm and getting plenty of rest can help ease the cramps. Headaches and backaches are also very common menstruation symptoms.

Talk to your parents about keeping a bottle of over-the-counter pain killers in your bag so you have them at the ready should the period headache monster strike. Click here for more PMS tips.

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Zits, zits, zits!

Your skin is very sensitive to your body’s hormonal changes. You may notice that you breakout just before your period.

Be sure to wash your face with a good face wash to reduce oily skin and help diminish some of the blemishes appearing on your face.

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You want to eat all the food

You may feel like scoffing biscuits and crisps as though the world is going to run out of them tomorrow. Food cravings (especially for chocolate!) are totally a sign of getting your period.

Don’t sweat the occasional indulgence. Your caloric needs actually rise right before you get your period, so feel free to give in a little to the occasional craving. Just don’t go overboard.

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You've never been so aware of your own breasts

You may notice that your breasts are sore and tender just before you get your period. Running, hugging a friend, or anything that makes your breasts move can make you wince in I-wish-I-hadn’t-done-that discomfort. This is normal!

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Increased discharge

Vaginal discharge increases right before you get your period. This is because of the changing hormone levels in your body before you menstruate. It may also get thicker and creamier in appearance.

Throw on an Always Dailies pantyliner to protect your knickers and to get an extra boost of freshness. They’re super thin and flexible, so you’ll barely know you have one on.

Girl Talk Episode 2Girl Talk Episode 2

Watch this video and get the answers to all the questions about the premenastrual symptoms.

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So, what should I do?

Pay attention to how you feel before your period. Which menstruation symptoms do you experience? Whatever it is you feel once a month before your period, well, that’s your very own, personal set of PMS symptoms.

Every girl has her own unique signs before her period. You may feel some, all, or even none (lucky girl!) of the period symptoms listed above. Is there something you feel every month that’s not on our list? That just may be your body’s very own way of telling you what’s about to come.

Keeping track of your cycle and keeping an eye out for period signs and symptoms, will help you ensure they don’t throw you off guard. You’ll be better prepared to manage your period symptoms ahead of time.

Maybe take a deep breath before snapping at your mum or spend some extra time writing in your journal to get out those extra feelings you have before your period.

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