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How to Stop Heavy Periods

Getting your period is a sign you’re healthy. When you first start menstruating, you may experience heavy periods due to imbalances in your hormone levels.

Your hormones will balance out eventually as your body gets a hang of this whole menstruation thing. However, in the meantime, having a heavy period can feel draining. You may be wondering how to stop heavy periods from happening.

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What is normal menstrual flow?

So, here’s the deal. Your flow is heaviest on the first 2 to 3 days of your period and then tapers off the last few days until you may only need a pantyliner, like Always Dailies. There is no way to stop heavy period flow on your first few days.

This is just part of the way getting your period is. Though it may feel like a lot, you don’t actually shed much blood during your period. On average, the amount of blood and fluid to leave your body during your period is 30-40 ml, which equals around 4-8 tablespoons or a quarter of a water cup.

In addition to differences in flow at the beginning versus the end of your period, your flow also fluctuates from month to month due to normal lifestyle, diet, and hormonal changes. So, some months will be heavier than others. This is normal.

You may notice that avoiding certain foods or eating others will affect your flow and help stop heavy periods like this. Pay attention to what you eat throughout the month if you think this may be the case for you. Play around with your diet and see if different foods provide you heavy period relief.

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Remedies for heavy periods

There are a few home remedies for a heavy period:

  • Opting for foods rich in iron or potassium, like lentils, raisins, or bananas.
  • Drink water to keep hydrated, as menstrual fluid contains both blood and water.
  • Apply a cold compress to your lower abdomen. This can provide some comfort.
  • Using the right medication. For this, you should talk to your parents and consult a doctor, they will help you find what’s best to stop heavy periods.
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How to deal with a heavy period

If you have a very heavy period, you’ll want to use a very absorbent pad to give you peace of mind and confidence that you won’t leak.

Always Ultra have an absorbent gel core that provides up to 8 hours of up to 100% leakage protection. They come in different sizes to meet your needs.

For a heavy period, we recommend Always Ultra Size 4. Always Ultra are super thin and comfortable, so you can keep doing the things you love during your period worry free, without giving a second thought to your sanitary towel.

Always Ultra are a great way to stop your heavy periods from getting in the way of your confidence.

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When to see a doctor

If you have a very heavy period that gets in the way of your everyday life, you may have a condition known as menorrhagia.

Signs of menorrhagia are:

  • Bleeding through a pad or tampon every hour for more than two hours.
  • Waking up in the middle of the night to change your pad.
  • Bleeding for a week or longer.
  • Passing large blood clots.
  • Feeling anaemic and weak.

If you think you have menorrhagia, you should consult your doctor. Together you can discuss methods to reduce your heavy periods.

A heavy period may be a tough opponent even for the strongest woman, unless you have a proper backup: good period pads. That's where Always Ultra Size 5 come in handy - they' 'are super thin and comfortable and we designed them to provide you with confidence and comfort in dealing even with the heaviest periods.