• Flexible and adaptable to all styles of knickers
  • Panty liners with absorbent core to provide trusted reliability throughout the day
  • Comfortable panty liners so you will barely feel them while wearing
  • Breathable design
  • Approved by dermatologists of Skin Health Alliance
  • Dermatologically tested to be gentle on skin

With ALWAYS DAILIES Slim Multiform panty liners, you can protect all styles of knickers everyday, thanks to their flexible and thin fit. Thinner for comfort and with a breathable design for trusted dryness and freshness, these panty liners are great for everyday wear. DAILIES Slim Multiform panty liners are also available with fresh scent and are great for protecting against vaginal discharge or as added protection for irregular periods.

Absorbent core

Absorbent core

With their absorbent core and odour - neutralising technology, ALWAYS DAILIES Flexistyle Normal panty liners provide trusted reliability throughout the day.

Thin comfort

Thin comfort

ALWAYS DAILIES Flexistyle Normal are comfortable panty liners you will barely feel.

Breathable design

Breathable design

With a breathable design and trusted dryness, these panty liners are suited for your everyday life.

Approved by dermatologists

Approved by dermatologists

ALWAYS DAILIES panty liners have been approved by dermatologists of Skin Health Alliance.


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Why should I wear panty liners?

Panty liners protect your underwear and help you stay fresh and clean, no matter if it’s against irregular periods or everyday vaginal discharge.

How do I find the right panty liner?

ALWAYS DAILIES panty liners come in different lengths and absorbencies. Check the product descriptions above to find the one that suits you best.

I am looking for panty liners that adapts to all my knicker syles.

Choose ALWAYS DAILIES Flexistyle Normal or Flexistyle Slim for panty liners that work for all knicker styles.

I am concerned about odour. What is the best liner for my needs?

Most ALWAYS DAILIES panty liners contain odour-neutralising technology, so look for this feature when picking your panty liner.

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