Puberty Education Programme - FAQ

Programme Contents

How has the ‘About You’ Puberty Education Programme been developed?

The materials used in the programme have been developed by teachers for teachers, using their unique knowledge of the curriculum to create first-rate resources that can be used in schools across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. They are reviewed and updated each year to keep them fresh and engaging.

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What modules are covered?

  • • Changing Body – including lessons on feminine protection, puberty, growth and development

  • • Healthy Body – covering healthy eating, personal hygiene, exercise and sleep

  • • Emotional Health – covering peer pressure, self-esteem, relationships with others and including #LikeAGirl confidence-building resources

  • • PE* – tackling the sport drop-off in girls at the point of puberty, and helping them build and maintain their confidence

  • • Award Scheme* – encouraging students to work towards specific, realistic goals in incremental steps, building their confidence

*These modules are available for 11-14-year olds only

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What will I receive?

The programme provides you with a range of engaging and easy to use resources, including:

Downloadable in class resources:
Comprehensive teacher guide
Lesson plans
Activity sheets
PowerPoints including videos

Free class packs available to secondary schools to order and delivered to your school

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Are the downloadable class resources adaptable?

The time required to teach each lesson is highlighted within the lesson plan. All lessons can be split easily into two parts to cater for lower-ability learners and/or shorter school lesson lengths. All resources are easily adaptable for different student levels and the secondary programme includes a SEN worksheet. The secondary materials can be used in up to eight full lessons, and the primary materials can be used in up to four full lessons. Each lesson is designed to cover a specific topic, allowing the teacher to pick and choose which lessons she/he wishes to teach.

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Can I share the downloadable materials with other teachers in the school?

Yes, we encourage you to do this! Multiple teachers from one school can access the downloadable resources, you can share the online resources with your colleagues via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email by clicking on the share icons in the top right-hand corner of this webpage. Only one teacher per secondary school may request the free class packs.

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Can you send me sample copies of the downloadable materials?

Unfortunately we are unable to send samples of the materials. We recommend that you download the ‘Taster Activity – A Leap to Confidence’, which can be printed double-sided on one A4 page.

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Class Packs

How do I order my class packs?

Ordering your free ‘About You’ class packs couldn't be easier! Simply REGISTER HERE. Class packs are available to all eligible secondary schools. Each secondary school may only order class packs for one year group each academic year. 

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Who can order class packs?

Any secondary school in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland teaching 11-14-year olds is eligible for the programme and class packs.

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Can primary schools order class packs?

Unfortunately, the class packs are available to secondary schools only, however all Primary schools teaching 9-11 year olds can access downloadable resources available to schools in England, Wales and Scotland.

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What information will I need to supply to register?

To register for the programme and ensure you receive enough individual student sample packs, we will need: your name; your email address; your telephone number; the full postal address of your school; the number of female students in the year group your school plans to teach the programme to.

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What is included in the free class packs?

Class packs are available to all eligible secondary schools. Each secondary school may only order class packs for one year group. Class packs include the following materials:
Class demonstration kits to demonstrate how pads and tampons work in practice through the aid of blue liquid and samples of sanitary products (1x pads demo kit + demo guide; 1x tampons demo kit + demo guide)
Individual female student sample packs (1x education booklet for girls, 3x day pads, 1x night pad, 3x liners)
Parent/carer leaflet with money-off coupon for each female student to take home creating a link between conversations going on in the classroom and home

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Can materials be sent to my home address?

No. We can only send materials to your school address.

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How many class packs can I order?

You may order class packs for one year group only.

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How many teachers at my school can order class packs?

Only one teacher per school can order the class packs each year, to distribute across one year group.

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Will I have to re-register each school year?

We will send you an annual email reminder to update your details if necessary and confirm the quantity of materials required for the upcoming year. If you have any issues in registering, please email us at

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What if I receive too many class packs?

In the unlikely event that you receive more materials than you expected please email us at so that we can update your details.

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Will any personal details be collected from the students?

No. We do not collect any personal data from students.

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School Nurses - not based in a school

I’m a school nurse and teach the programme at multiple schools; what information will I need to supply?

Samples are limited therefore you MUST provide details of all the secondary school/s where you deliver puberty education. This year we have simplified the registration for school nurses,  simply register here as usual and follow the following instructions. 

At the 2.Schools/ organisations section of the registration process, enter the details of the 1st school in which you deliver puberty education, the at the section add another organisation?you can  add all of the subsequent individual schools you teach at.

NOT based in a secondary school? (e.g. community school nurse) 

Once you’ve entered the school/s details you can provide an alternative delivery address if you wish (e.g. your local care trust offices).

If you have any issues in registering at any point, please email us at and we will be happy to help you to make the process as simple as possible.

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I’m a school nurse and teach the programme at one/multiple schools; can materials be sent to my health centre address?

Yes. After entering the details of the school/s you deliver puberty education at, you will see the following statement, to which you should respond YES / NO.

‘I want the packs delivered to the school/s that I deliver puberty education to’

If YES, each school will receive sample packs delivered directly to the school.
If NO, all the samples for the school/s you teach at will be delivered to your preferred address e.g. health centre base. Simply add in your health centre’s full postal address to the address drop-down.

If you have any issues in registering at any point, please email us at

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Parents and Carers

Are parents/carers involved?

A parent/carer leaflet is included with the student sample packs and can provide a link between conversations going on in the classroom and home, helping provide guidance to parents/carers on how to approach conversations around the subject of puberty at home and informing them about the ‘About You’ Puberty Education Programme being taught at school. This can help initiate the sometimes embarrassing conversation about puberty. It provides parents/carers with information about the changes daughters will go through during puberty, how to raise their confidence and money-off coupons towards the purchase of feminine protection products.

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Can parents/carers see the materials?

If parents/carers want to view the other materials, they should speak with their daughter's teacher.

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Who should I ask if I have any questions regarding the programme or wish to provide any feedback?

We always try to answer your questions as soon as we can and love having feedback so we can continue to improve the programme. Please email us at

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