‘About You’ Puberty Education Programme

ALWAYS & TAMPAX  ‘About You’ Puberty Education Programme

Help your students understand their changing bodies and emotions, and embrace puberty with confidence. with free puberty kits for schools with ALWAYS free samples 

ALWAYS & TAMPAX have teamed up to provide you with free puberty kits for schools with all the tools to tackle the subject of puberty and puberty education with your students, including ALWAYS free samples, supporting them through its physical and emotional changes, and boosting their confidence and self-esteem. All of the teaching resources and puberty education have been developed by qualified teachers and education specialists with links to key curriculum topics. 

If you’re a secondary school, make sure you register for your free class packs containing ALWAYS free samples for your students, demonstration kits and additional printed materials on puberty education. Order your free pack now.

Always Puberty Education Programme

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ALWAYS Chat with Alya