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The Right Pad to Prevent Leaking

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Does your sanitary pad ever leak?

We’ve all been there, washing out our knickers under cold water in the sink. Is there anything more universal? How to prevent period leaks: Wearing the right size pad/ will help prevent the period leak phenomenon once and for all, and help save your favourite knickers from reaching period stain oblivion (i.e. the back of the drawer, tossed aside, never to be worn again). In fact, it is so easy to prevent leaks by simply making the right sanitary pad choices that you may never need to have a pile of designated “period knickers” ever again. (Hurray for cute, frilly knickers all month long!) Once you try it, you’ll never go back.

How to prevent period leaks:

The right pad for preventing period leaks is quite simply the pad that fits your shape and flow. This means wearing a pad that provides coverage where you need it. Imagine what a relief! What a confidence boost! Say goodbye to uncomfortable bunching and unsightly leaks. This is how you can prevent period leaks and go about your day without giving your sanitary pad a second thought. Wouldn’t that be dreamy! And it’s all a matter of finding the right size.

After all, if no two women are the same, why should our pads all be the same? This is the guiding philosophy behind the Always Ultra MY FIT line of sanitary pads. They come in four unique sizes to fit your unique body shape and flow to accommodate your preferred activities. Each size is clearly marked, so they’re easy to find at the store. Always Ultra also have Secureguard contours on each unique sanitary pad size to keep you dry, clean, and period leak-free for a confident and happy time of the month.

To help you find the right pad size, use Always MY FIT Finder. Try it out and say goodbye to leaky, messy periods.