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Be a Period Champion – Master Your Menstrual Cycle

Be a period championBe a period champion

Mastering your menstrual cycle goes beyond understanding your own body; it's also about empowering others to feel confident and supported during their period and changes in their cycles. Being a period champion means celebrating our bodies, recognising our strength, and acknowledging our resilience to triumph over challenges – periods included!

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Statistics source: Always Female Athletes Research Oct 2023 UK; Sample 2,008 Female Athletes

It's normal to feel a little embarrassed to talk about periods and menstrual symptoms - but not understanding what's happening on your period or not getting support can be a barrier to feeling happy and healthy. The more you talk with people you trust (parents, coaches, older club members, friends etc.) the more you'll understand what's going on.

Where to start

Where to start


Periods shouldn't be viewed as a setback but a catalyst for unstoppable achievement. By opening more conversations, you will gain access to more information, be more in touch with your body and ultimately feel more confident. Remember you don't have to talk about your own menstrual cycle unless you want to share and it's your choice how much you want to share.