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Always Sustainability

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At Always, we’re committed to ensuring our products have the lowest impact on the environment. We’re doing this by carefully sourcing the materials we use, minimising waste created during the manufacturing process and using resources responsibly. We also believe that our products do not belong on our beaches and in waterways, so we are committed to educating on how to correctly dispose of our products.

We are making careful choices about the plastic we use and aim to reduce our use of virgin plastic in ways that are:

  1. Supported by science
  2. Won’t compromise the superior performance that our consumers expect from our brands.

We know that periods are a highly personal topic and what’s right for some, is not necessarily right for all so that’s why we offer a range of pads to suit all needs.

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Sustainable Manufacturing

P&G is committed to a long-term goal of powering all facilities with 100% renewable energy and using 100% renewable or recycled materials for products and packaging. Feminine Care plants worldwide have reduced solid waste by 70% since 2010, and all of our plants are zero waste – instead of sending waste to landfills, we reuse it for manufacturing or convert it to energy.

Sustainable Packaging

Our goal is to eliminate packaging waste through 100% recyclable packaging by 2025 and incorporate more renewable or recyclable materials. We design our packaging to be recyclable where the infrastructures exist and we are working to integrate recycled content towards a more circular economy.

How you can help – tips for pad disposal

We wish Always pads could be used without creating solid waste, but that is not yet possible. Like many supplies used for personal or medical care, pads cannot be recycled. They cannot be flushed down the toilet either, since pads cannot be processed by wastewater-treatment facilities and can harm septic systems. So, we have engineered our products to be compatible with existing solid waste disposal systems.

Please help us help the environment by disposing of pads securely in the rubbish. That way, we can all do our part for the environment.