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Set up your own gym

Set up your own gym at home

Set up your own gym

So what if the gyms are closed or you would prefer not to go to stay safe? What about setting up your own exercise space at home? Before you start, try and make sure you have a designated space so that you don’t have to drag everything out every time. Then find workouts online or workout apps that you want to do. They can either suit the equipment you have, or you simply look for stuff like yoga or pilates where you don’t need equipment at all.

Now…. think of when the best time for you would be to exercise and add this to your calendar. It’s best to have the same time every day or on certain days. That way you can get yourself into a routine and stick to it. Yes, even if it’s that time of the month. Just make sure to wear the right protection. Always pads will always have your back.