Keeping up healthy eating habits





Keeping up healthy eating habits

Keeping up healthy eating habits

Staying home not only takes getting used to, it could also be that you are eating more and moving less than normal. Others rely on takeaways a lot less and having more time to cook meals from scratch. Now, snacking here and there isn’t such a problem – as long as you keep to an overall healthy diet. So try to keep up on the fruit and veggies and avoid eating too many highly processed foods. Keep a stock of healthy snacks so that you always have them at hand when you feel peckish.

Think of recipes you can cook during the week and plan ahead. When you’re hungry you might otherwise just snack because it is quicker. Planned cooking is much more fun and you can turn it into a healthy routine. Expecting your period? PMS usually comes with a craving for chocs and other sweet stuff. Just try and keep your snacks healthy. Like dried apricots or mangos. But if you can’t help it, a little cheating won’t hurt 😘


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