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Get App-Tastic

Get App-Tastic - get yourself a fitness app!

Get App-Tastic

You need a bit of motivation to get started and nobody to get you off the couch? Why don’t you get yourself a fitness app? Honestly, some of them are so motivating, you’ll be ready with your yoga mat, rearing to go. Choose an app according to the exercises you want to do. It’s all there from stretching to bum-burning Hiit workouts. You don’t have the time? No way…a daily 7 minute workout could be just the thing for you. You want to sweat it out?

Get into intense rounds of 20 seconds exercises like burpees, lunges and push-ups. Or work your entire body with fitness trainer videos showing you exactly what to do. Set yourself certain days and time to make your exercises a part of your routine. No need to skip the “gym” during your period either….maybe add a few gentle stretches and running on the spot. That usually works wonders against cramps.