ALWAYS donates over 14 million pads and uses the power of poetry to highlight the damaging effects of period poverty.

Pads donated so far

ALWAYS #EndPeriodPoverty

At ALWAYS we believe every girl should have access to sanitary protection. That's why we launched a campaign in March 2018 to help #EndPeriodPoverty. As a result and thanks to your help, we have now donated over 14 million pads to UK school girls in need.

Part of this donation was in partnership with community organisation, The Red Box Project and fuelled by a collection of bright young voices who captured the struggles, shame and consequences of period poverty through the power of poetry. This collection of 12 InstaPoets and digital influencers were headed by British poet, author and spoken word artist, Hollie McNish and included the likes of influencers Nikita Gill, Greta Bellamacina and Jen Campbell.

For every like or comment their poems received, Always donated a pad to The Red Box Project. These pads have gone on to fill boxes of sanitary products delivered directly to schools across the UK through a network of volunteers.

Our latest research not only revealed that girls are missing school, or that parents are resorting to stealing in order to provide for their daughters, but that period poverty has a detrimental effect on a girl’s future. Sadly, over half of women who have experienced period poverty believe it has had a direct effect on their success, confidence and happiness.

Shockingly, we also found that 6 in ten females who experienced period poverty were bullied at school, leading to low confidence as an adult as well as anxiety and depression.

At ALWAYS, we are determined to do something about this and that’s why we launched the #EndPeriodPoverty initiative. We know that a girl’s confidence plummets during puberty and missing out on the experiences of school life, only accelerates this. It is our aim to make sure every girl has the sanitary protection she needs to stay in school. Because helping her stay in education is key to her growth, building her confidence, and future, and empowering her to Keep Going #LikeAGirl.

Check out some of the #EndPeriodPoverty InstaPoetry below. We hope that these inspiring and thought-provoking words will help raise awareness and encourage young girls to speak up and ask for help.

Dear Teacher,

If you teach at a UK state secondary school with at least 1% of girls eligible for free school meals, you will be entitled to receive free Always pads to help keep your girls in school. For more information or to register your school, please follow this link.

ALWAYS’ history of giving

ALWAYS has long standing relationships with charities and not-for-profit organisations across the UK, including In Kind Direct. In Kind Direct is a charity that inspires product giving for social good and works to alleviate hygiene poverty. In order to end period poverty, ALWAYS has been donating sanitary pads to In Kind Direct for over 14 years, benefiting over 1,500 local charities and not-for-profit organisations to date.

ALWAYS also provides sanitary pads to UK schools through our ALWAYS & TAMPAX Puberty Education Programmes – designed for both primary and secondary students. We will continue our 30+ year history of providing these programs, as part of our mission to keep girls in school.

Research conducted by We Are Futures, One Poll and 72 Point on behalf of ALWAYS.

  • Among 545 teachers and school staff in UK schools, via online poll completed between 7th and 14th February 2018.
  • Among 500 UK girls aged 10-18 who’d started their periods, via an online and mobile poll, completed between 15th – 23rd February 2018.
  • Among 500 UK parents with daughters aged between 10-18 who’d started their periods, via an online and mobile poll, completed between 15th – 20th February 2018.
  • Among 1,000 UK women aged 18-55 via an online and mobile poll, completed between 15th – 16th February 2018.

Research conducted by One Poll and 72 Point on behalf of ALWAYS, among 1,000 UK women; 500 who had experienced period poverty and 500 who hadn’t, aged 18-55 via an online and mobile poll completed between 4th and 6th July 2018.

ALWAYS Chat with Alya
ALWAYS Chat with Alya