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Changing the World of Refugee Girls with UNESCO & Save the Children

Changing the World of Refugee Girls with UNESCO & Save the ChildrenChanging the World of Refugee Girls with UNESCO & Save the Children

The Syrian refugee crisis, now in its sixth year, is one of the biggest challenges of our generation. It has had a significant negative impact not only on Syrian refugees, but on Jordanian host communities, and among those most affected are refugee girls and young women.

Many Syrian refugee girls are no longer able to attend school and many young women are unable to work and provide income for their families, lacking access to training and facing gender-based barriers that keep them at home.

P&G and Always are working to stop this, rooted in the belief that education is key to empowering Syrian refugee girls and young women so they are confident, skilled, strong and equipped to take charge of their future even in the most challenging circumstances. That’s why we’ve partnered with UNESCO and Save the Children – to help refugees by empowering over 1000 young girls & women living in Jordan through education, life skills and work readiness training. We’re also working to refer Syrian refugee girls back to formal and non-formal education, either in local schools or home-school efforts.

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This new commitment in Jordan builds on Always 30 year heritage of providing puberty and confidence education to over 17 million girls around the world every year, and P&G’s focus on gender equality. It expands Always’ work with Save the Children, which has focused on helping thousands of adolescent girls stay in school in South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Mexico and Nepal. It also extends the existing partnership with UNESCO, through which girls in Senegal and Nigeria have been receiving basic literacy and information technology education.

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