• Instant Dry to help you feel dry
  • Secure Guard to keep fluid in
  • Super Fit to stay in place and follow your movements
  • With wings to keep sanitary towel in place
  • Sanitary towel dermatologically tested to be gentle on skin
  • Individually wrapped for hygienic disposal


Cellulose for absorbency

Designed to keep fluid in check.

Super Fit

Superior protection

Designed to adapt to your body shape to stay in place and follow your movements.

Soft Feeling

Dry Feel

Sanitary towels that are super soft on your skin.

Dermatologically tested

Incredibly soft

Sanitary towel dermatologically tested to be gentle on skin.

ALWAYS Maxi Normal (Size 1) is a thick sanitary towel with a gently contoured shape that’s wide in the centre and even wider in the front and back to help give you protection where you need it most.


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What's the difference between day and night sanitary towels?

ALWAYS Maxi Night (Size 3) sanitary towels are especially designed for overnight protection and offer more coverage, no matter how much you toss and turn, where as ALWAYS Maxi Long (Size 2) and Normal (Size 1) sanitary towels are designed for optimal daytime protection.

Which ALWAYS Maxi sanitary towel should I use for my flow?

If you have a light to moderate flow you can use ALWAYS Maxi Normal (Size 1) sanitary towels, with or without wings. If you have moderate to heavy flow you can use ALWAYS Maxi Long Size 2 sanitary towels with or without wings for greater coverage. If you have a very heavy flow you may also use ALWAYS Maxi Night (Size 3) sanitary towels for even more coverage and protection during the day.

What sizes do ALWAYS Maxi sanitary towels come in?

ALWAYS Maxi sanitary towels come in 3 different sizes: Normal (Size 1), Long (Size 2), and Night (Size 3). Keep in mind that the longer the sanitary towel, the better the coverage and protection.

How often should I change my ALWAYS Maxi sanitary towel?

The frequency with which you change your sanitary towel depends on your particular flow. The heavier your flow the more often you should change your sanitary towel to reduce the risk of leaking. The lighter your flow the less often you may need to change your sanitary towel. It is recommended to change your sanitary towel every 4-8 hours.

How do I avoid leaks?

Choose a larger size for better coverage and sanitary towels with wings for a better fit to your knickers and make sure you change the sanitary towel frequently.

What about days that I don't have my period?

To keep a fresh feeling all day, no matter what's happening, especially if you have vaginal discharge, consider using ALWAYS Dailies Panty Liners.

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My go-to pad

I always stick with the ultra pads. They're amazing for night and day and the perfect size to put in my handbag without adding bulk. I can throw in about 4 of these without them taking up much room. I love them.

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Great product. Protects and gives security. Very good for all day protection.

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In a class of its own

Always Ultra 1 does exactly what it's supposed to do all day. The small wings make sure it remains where it is placed and that it continues to be barely noticeable throughout the day. It doesn't leak, and absorbs to perfection giving the freshest of feelings as if one isn't wearing any liner at all. They're the best I've found nationally and internationally. I always keep a pack in my bathroom cabinet.

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Star Rating

Reliable always:)

There's just no other choice for me I can always rely on always quite a fitting name no other brand comes close:)

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10/10 Always.

Since I first started my periods Ive always used Always. They are the best product around for me. Never had a leak and always smell fresh. I cannot compare them to any other product. They are in a league of their own.

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