Teaching Confidence in Schools

Together with educators, experts and amazing girls, we’re making great change happen.

For the past 30 years, we have been partnering with educators and teachers around the globe providing puberty & cycle education to millions of adolescent girls.

But, we will not stop there. We believe that confidence can be taught and we are partnering with confidence & puberty experts to incorporate the latest research on how to retain and even grow confidence as part of our long-term puberty education program.


Help Keep Girls in Sports

Sport is critical to build and maintain girls' confidence and yet, many girls quit sports at puberty. To help them feel they belong in sports and encourage them to stay in sports, ALWAYS has developed ready-to-use tools for teachers, coaches, organisations and parents including informative flyers, tips and posters to help keep girls in sports. Help us build the next generation of confident girls. Let's champion girl power!! Learn More